Google Sites Editor: Use Google Analytics

Learn how to use Google Analytics to collect visitor data and insights in Google Sites.

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Important: Using Google Analytics allows you to verify your sites's address in Search Console. Learn how to verify in Google Search Console.

Use Google Analytics

Google Analytics is important to grow your site, it will provide you with visitor data and insights so you can identify what they are doing on your website. It also allows you to track and understand your customer's behavior, user experience, online content, device functionality and more.

Step 1: Create a Google Analytics Account

  1. Open Google Analytics

  2. On the Welcome Page, tap Start Measuring

Tip: If you already have an account, you can create another account by going into admin settings.

  1. Enter an account name (eg. YSSF.ML)

  2. Accept Data Sharing with other Google Services

  3. Tap Next

  4. Enter a property name (eg.

  5. Choose a time zone and currency that matches your location

  6. Tap Next

  7. Choose industry category, business size, and your intend

  8. Tap Create

  9. Accept Google's Policy

Step 2: Create a stream

  1. On the bottom left corner, tap Admin ()

  2. Under property, tap Data Streams, then choose Web

  3. Enter your sites's URL

  4. Enter a stream name (eg.

  5. Tap Create Stream

  6. Web Stream Details page will open, copy your measurement ID

Step 3: Add to Google Sites

  1. On a computer, open a site in new Google Sites

  2. In the top navigation, tap Settings ()

  3. On the left, tap Analytics

  4. Paste your Tracking ID

Important: It can take up to 24 hours for data to show up in Google Analytics.

Welcome Page in Google Analytics

Welcome Page - Google Analytics

Google Analytics settings in Google Sites

Google Analytics settings in Google Sites

Toggle Google Analytics

  1. In the top navigation, tap Settings (⚙)

  2. On the left, tap Analytics

  3. Toggle Enable analytics

Last updated: Dec 28, 2021